เลื่อยไฟฟ้าอัจฉริยะ Rotorazer Saw ราคาที่ดีที่สุด

Jan 29, 2019


Welcome to GoodPrice, the leading online store for all your DIY needs! We are proud to present the เลื่อยไฟฟ้าอัจฉริยะ Rotorazer Saw, an innovative power tool that will revolutionize your woodworking projects. With its precision cutting and versatile features, the Rotorazer Saw is perfect for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Why Choose the Rotorazer Saw?

The เลื่อยไฟฟ้าอัจฉริยะ Rotorazer Saw offers a wide range of benefits that set it apart from other electric saws in the market:

Precision Cutting

Designed with advanced technology, the Rotorazer Saw ensures precise and clean cuts every time. Its high-powered motor and ultra-sharp blades allow for effortless cutting through various materials, including wood, plastic, metal, and more. Say goodbye to manual sawing and hello to a new level of accuracy with the Rotorazer Saw.

Multi-functional Design

Unlike traditional circular saws, the Rotorazer Saw is incredibly versatile. It can perform not only straight cuts but also plunge cuts, miter cuts, and even bevel cuts. Whether you are working on a construction project, home renovation, or crafting project, this saw can handle it all. Its compact and lightweight design also makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Safety Features

At GoodPrice, safety is our top priority. The Rotorazer Saw incorporates safety features such as a safety switch and blade guard to prevent accidental injuries. Rest assured that you can work confidently and securely with this cutting-edge power tool.

Technical Specifications

The เลื่อยไฟฟ้าอัจฉริยะ Rotorazer Saw comes with the following specifications:

  • Power: 400 watts
  • Blade Diameter: 85mm
  • No-load Speed: 3,400 RPM
  • Cutting Depth: Adjustable up to 28.5mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers:

"The Rotorazer Saw is an absolute game-changer. It has made my woodworking projects so much easier and the results are amazing!" - John D.

"I love how versatile this saw is. It can handle any cutting task with precision. Highly recommended!" - Sarah T.

Get the Best Price at GoodPrice

GoodPrice is committed to offering the best deals on the เลื่อยไฟฟ้าอัจฉริยะ Rotorazer Saw. We understand the importance of quality and affordability. When you shop with us, you can expect competitive prices and excellent customer service. Visit our website or contact our friendly support team to get your Rotorazer Saw at the best price possible.


In conclusion, the เลื่อยไฟฟ้าอัจฉริยะ Rotorazer Saw is a remarkable power tool that offers precision cutting and versatile functionality. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it is the ideal choice for all your woodworking projects. At GoodPrice, we strive to provide you with the best price and the highest quality products. Shop with us today and experience the difference!

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